The Next Wave: Boo Boo the Book

    Everywhere we go, people tell me, "You ought to write a children's book." Well, I have started the book. Little did I know that day when I spoke the words over Boo Boo's limp, wet body, "In the name of Jesus you will live and not die", that Boo Boo would indeed live on and on. To this day people enjoy the story of Boo Boo's rise to fame as much as the day it first was told to anyone.
    It is my hope to capture the fun and adventures of Boo Boo and the backyard chicken yard in a book that many people young and old can enjoy for years to come. One common response we have had to the story of Boo Boo's rise to fame is that it is refreshing to hear a positive, unique, and humorous bit of good news in the midst of a world of constant bad news. Perhaps I can provide a permanently entertaining colorful pictoral record that you, your friends, your children, and your grandchildren can have to enjoy at any time for years to come.
    We got those chickens and things for the grandkids to enjoy in the first place. I just didn't know it would be your kids and grandkids, too.
    I'll keep you posted.

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