Boo Boo Goes to Central Elementary
    On a beautiful St. Patrick's Day, Boo Boo visits Central Elementary, Arkadelphia, AR, We were on the school "Morning Show" which was shown on the television monitors throughout the school. Plus, a visit to the Boo Boo website was shown to the whole class. So we had lots of fun. Several people were happy to hold Boo Boo for a special "Boo-Pic."

Happy Pose 1

"Look here. I'm holding Boo Boo!!"

Boo Boo Happy Hold 2       

Love that Boo Boo, now. Isn't she sweet!

Happy Pose 2

And grab her and don't let her go!

(Showing of picture awaiting approval.)

Here we have one big happy class of Boo-kids who wrote such nice letters of thanks and asking lots of questions about Boo Boo. They had lots of nice comments, which was summed up in one letter which said, "You are Boo-tiful! You have Boo-tiful feathers. You are Boo-tiful." Another letter said, "I am happy because you dot die. You shall live. Thank you for coming to our school."

Happy Boo-bites

Boo Boo-ites, with their "I Love Boo Boo" T-shirts on.

A Fun-filled day at Central Elementary! 

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