The Boo Boo Family Album

    Boo Boo was one of the "kids" of the fowl family that I bought one day on a whim. I didn't really have time to mess with chicks and stuff, and I have always said, "NO PETS." We do short-term mission work, and I didn't want to be tied down. But, I thought, "It would be fun for the grandkids to watch the little chicks, and ducks, and guinea grow up." I got a variety--every bird was different from the other.
     We got them in September 2005. It was cooling down and about to get colder. So I set up a big cardboard box on the front porch so we could keep a close watch on our little family. They were a lot of fun to watch. We became acquainted with each of their personalities. That is how they were named. There was BoBo, Boo Boo, BB (guinea), Sugar, Spice, and Sweetpea, and Dumplin' and Dooley ( two ducks). The little black and white chick was the most spooky one--really hard to catch, so I named it Boo Boo. As I went back and reveiwed photographs of the family, I noticed that most of the time Boo Boo had her rear to the camera. She was always skidaddling away.
    A little background, now let's look at some early pictures.

What it is all about

This is what it is all about. The grandkids have a lot of fun with the "fowl family."
That is black and white Boo Boo lined up with the rest of them.

Boo Baby on Becky's arm             Boo with Ducks
           One of the few face pictures of Boo Boo.                Left to right: BooBoo, BoBo, Dooley, Dumplin', Spice, and BB.
                      Becky is holding her.
                   BooBoo oon Dumplin's back                      
                           Boo Boo found a nice soft place to roost on Dooley the Duck.                            

Chicks sleep hanging 
                      Did you know that chicks slept like this?                            

Chick on shoulder

Spice and Elijah are having a little conversation. Chickens make neat pets --
as long as you keep plenty of paper towels handy.

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