Boo Boo Sends Delegation To Disneyland

    Boo Boo was not able to go to Disneyland herself, but in cooperation with NBC/Jay Leno show, she graciously sent a happy delegation of fun-loving friends -- Jackie, Becky, Sis, and Joe (my other brother Joe).
    Joe and Sis rode some rides, as did Jackie and Becky. Now you gotta understand,
Joe, sitting next to Sis, is a three time purple heart Viet Nam vet. A brave and heroic defender of our freedom. Please note the calm expression on Joe's face and the white knuckles glowing on top of his hands. This picture was taken in pitch dark during their ride on Space Mountain.
Sis and Joe on Space Mountain ride

Well, so much for our brave defender. And he used to fly helicopters in Army aviation!!!
Jesus help us!!!

Oh yes, one thing of great interest to Boo Boo was, of course, Chicken Little! She couldn't be there to meet him, but we brought back a picture.

Chicken Little

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