A New Twist in the Story

    First, I would like to introduce to you my chief hatch advisor and counselor, Jordan Horton. Jordan is quite experienced in hatching out chickens with an incubator. He has about thirty chickens now, with the incubator full of eggs at this writing. His experience has helped us a lot in getting ChickaBoo into the world, and he is helping us do the right things to help ChickaBoo grow up to be what he needs to be. If you would like to visit with Jordan, his email address is He will be glad to hear from you. Here, he is holding Boo Boo's one and only ever little BooChick-ChickaBoo.
Jordan holding ChickaBoo
   We have a little challenge with ChickaBoo. Soon after hatching, when just out of the shell and flopping around on the wire floor of the incubator, apparently ChickaBoo snagged a claw in the wire and jerked a tendon loose or a joint out of place. Now, his right leg is twisted sideways and backwards.
ChickaBoo's leg twisted backwards

    We took the little BooChick to see Doc Smith in Hot Springs. We tried to devise a "sling" to hold the little leg in place, but all it does is keep ChickaBoo from maneuvering at all. Becky and I tried to devise something unsuccessfully. Sis and I tried without success. Jordan and I gave it some deep thought, but right now, little ChickaBoo spends a lot of time down for the rest, for the effort that it takes to move around.

ChickaBoo down
    I think Becky had the best idea. We need a little "walker" on wheels that ChickaBoo can rest his body in and still move around and get access to food and water. We would need to keep ChickaBoo on a surface compatible with little wheels being able to roll. It will have to be of an adjustable size to accomodate ChickaBoo's growth. In time, then, when grown, Doc Smith can go in there and reposition some tendons and put a pin in that will help straighten the leg back to normal. So, I guess we need some prosthetics for chickens here. We don't want little ChickaBoo to grow up with a nickname of "Dragstep" as one interviewing radio host suggested.
     Just now, as I was writing this, I went to check on some distress chirps coming from ChickaBoo. I found that he was down and couldn't get up. So, I took the "walker" idea. I took a sock, cut it off from the toe about 4 inches. I cut little slots for the head, wings, feet, and bottom/tail to stick out. I put ChickaBoo in this "sling" and adjusted a clothes pin on the top of it so little chicky will hang about right. I tied a shoe string through the clothes pin and onto a small curtain rod laid across the top of the box. I then positioned the food and water at such a height and proximity so that he can eat and drink. And, that he did. Very contented. So as I finish this article, ChickaBoo is just swangin', nappin', eatin', and drinkin'. Maybe we can pull him through.
ChickaBoo Swangin

    Well, it's 3:00 in the morning. I better get in bed so I can pull through!

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