Six Eggs.....Serene

Serene -- unruffled; tranquil; dignified; unclouded; bright.

Six Eggs in incubator

Six Boo Boo eggs in the incubator.
Wouldn't it be neat to get another Boo Boo!
That's something we can look forward to.
I do know that Bo Bo and Boo Boo got together for a time or two.
So it could very well be we could get a Boo Boo 2!

All I can say is we'll do the best we can.
We did the best we could and pulled you through once,
And the whole world heard about that;
Then the second time, with a trip to the vet--
Confound those seizures;
We know you had at least three in your 7 month life-- probably
a congenital condition since you were just a wee spooky chick.
You know, I'll bet one of those seizures
put you into the pond in the first place!
But this third one.....

Boo Boo, you weren't supposed to fly away like this!!!
We were wanting you to stay around for a long time!
You are such a sweet and pleasant personality!
(Such a change from that spooky little chick you once were!)
We really enjoyed seeing you and having you with us.
You really lived life to the fullest, yes you did.
We really do miss you....
Ok, Ok, I hear you squawking gently, like only you do.

I hear you telling me
That your story lives on forever among so many.
And we personally know and remember and enjoy your quiet dignity.
You've lifted , you've loved, and the whole world has smiled and laughed.
In the hearts of so many, you live forever.
And, the legend lives on......

Boo Boo (of such a sweet disposition you became), we love you.
So we'll do the best we can to take care of what you gave us,
And take care of your brothers and sisters,
And if we can get some of those six eggs to hatch,
We'll do the best we can to take care of Boo Boo 2.
We are watching for Boo Boo 2.

We celebrate the life of Boo Boo......and move forward.

Serene --
unruffled; tranquil; dignified; unclouded; bright.

Boo Boo is survived by her batch of brothers and sisters:
BoBo, BB the guinea, Sugar, Spice, Dumplin' and Dooley the ducks, and
Sweet Pea (who is presently sitting on 14 eggs, scheduled to hatch April 26).

Boo Boo
September 24, 2005 - April 18, 2006

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