Boo Boo Goes to Malibu

Boo Boo at Malibu

    You can't go to the west coast without going to the beach, and where better for Boo Boo to go than to Mali-Boo !

Boo Boo views the beach

This is a new sight to sea ! She's just seeing what she can see of the sea.

Boo Boo frolics in the sand

Once accustomed to the new surroundings, she just had to do a few steps of the Chicken Kick.

Boo Keeps our Beaches clean

Boo Boo believes in keeping our beaches clean. Notice closely, she left a neat little package on top of the trash can.

Boo Boo tired and roosting

Hey, after a big day at the beach, your tail feathers would be drooping, too! Totally relaxed and balanced, back in her Hotel Barnyard Hilton Suite.

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