Show Time! And a Star is Born!

Sis and Boo Boo hit it off great with Terry Bradshaw on the Jay Leno Tonight Show, Friday, March 10, 2006. They had such a good time, the show is already in the mill to be shown again in the near future. Hey, Sis was just being herself. Except for certain views we were shown of Mr. Bradshaw, that was the same way our family carries on at Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the other gatherings in between. Joe and Sis say they are the only normal kids in the family. They say me and Richard (my oldest brother) aren't normal. Joe and Terry and Sis were carrying on crazy like that after the show in the dressing room, too. They are crazy. They need to get Joe, Terry, and Sis together on the show -- on second thought, maybe they better not. But we could use a few more crazy people in the world sometimes. Sometimes some chickens need a decree spoken over them and their eyes needs to pop open. Hey, sometimes we all need that, don't we.
Marian Morris dressing door sign
    Sis looked real nice for the show.  Not often we get to see her with make up on. They didn't have to do anything to her hair cause they said her naturally curly hair was just perfect.  She's got her Momma's hair. Let's just face it, she's just got what it takes -- mostly (Ha! family joke).

Bradshaw, Sis, Boo Boo, and Leno

But here they are, live on the show, a whole lot of cacklin' goin' on...

Bradshaw,Sis, Boo Boo, and Leno

And after the show, the whole flock gets together for a group shot.

Leno Group Shot

My other brother Joe, Sis, Boo Boo, Jay Leno, Becky, Jackie

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