"The Legend of Boo Boo the Chicken"
A Poem by Robert Frost (AKA Nickolas Gatlin)

Boo Boo the Chicken was a cowardly bird
who lived near a pond on a farm.
To her, every sound was a thing to be feared.
Each noise was a cause for alarm.
One day as she walked by the pond on the shore
with an ear out for any strange sound,
an unknown commotion began to occur,
and Boo Boo just fell in and drowned.
It looked bad for Boo Boo, spring chicken she twern't,
but a bird shouldn't give up so soon.
Especially not when it falls in the pond
that is owned by Jackie Calhoun.
As Boo Boo lay floating face down in the pond,
apparently lost in the waves,
Jackie, like Superman dashed to her aid
determined, the chicken to save.
He tried CPR, he tried massage,
but Boo Boo still lay limp and loose.
Becky and Sis tried with all their might,
but Boo Boo was cooked like a goose.
Just when it looked like all hope was lost,
with one final prayer and a sign,
Boo Boo was twitchin' for just one last time,
but she opened one dad-gum eye!
A hair dryer later, she perched on a box.
The chicken was back in the game.
Soon she returned to the rest of the flock,
but not everything was unchanged.
Now, Boo Boo the Chicken's the talk of the town,
and even the British are fond.
With newfound celebrity, she struts around,
but a step or two back from the pond!

Boo Boo by the Pond

This is the actual pond where I found Boo Boo floating, head down in water, wings splayed out.

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