Rip Caswell, bronze artist, sculpts Boo Boo in clay,
the first step in creating a bronze art piece.

Doc Swarner, like many others, was delighted to hear the story of Boo Boo.
This was at a Caswell Gallery function around Christmas 2006.

    Rip was inspired by Boo Boo's story. Rip sculpted Boo Boo perched atop the dead stump, surrounded by lilies, speaking of victory over death, resurrection, and beauty. Lilies come up out of the earth from bulbs or rhizomes buried out of sight, and from the dust of death comes the beauty and fragrance of life. This is Boo Boo's story captured in a limited edition commemorative art piece that is now available to the public. You may visit Rip's art galleries at


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