The Boo Boo Fan Flock

    I learned there has developed on the campus of Henderson State University, a Boo Boo Fan Flock, complete with T-shirts and a planned viewing experience of Boo Boo on the Jay Leno Show, Friday, March 10. As I get more information on this subject, I will let you know. I would like to have pics of the flock in their smocks to put on this page. So, stay close to the coop and you'll get the pic I can click.

Boo Boo wrong end

Apparently Boo Boo is getting tired of the interview.
She's not giving Arshia,the Henderson photographer, her best side.

The Psychology Department End of the Year Party
at Sam's House
May 5, 2006   
    Becky shows up in her "I Love Boo Boo" T-shirt. The hamburgers are grilled. Refreshments are served. Party conversations among students and instructors waft in all directions, but much of the talk is centered on the legend of Boo Boo and the Leno show. Later in the party the ole DVD spins and Sis, Boo Boo, Bradshaw and Leno fill the screen and the whole flock cackles with the contagious humor surrounding the historic resuscitation of Boo Boo the chicken. Eric is a big member of the Boo Boo Fan Flock, so I snick a click of him in a BFF composure.

There's a snip of Becky to the left in her Boo T-shirt, delightfully entertained by Eric's commemorative pose.

If there was any doubt as to the meaning of this T-shirt, when Eric walks away, you know where he came from--the one and only original Arkadelphia Boo Boo Fan Flock of 2006 from the campus of Henderson State University, the revered institution of Boo Boo's
historic first public appearance. There, she definitely left her mark.
Eric was there!

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