Boo Boo Likes Chicken Little

It looks like Boo Boo and Chicken Little have a connection here.
In fact, Chicken Little seems to  be speaking directly to Boo Boo.

Boo watches Chicken Little

    Boo Boo was not able to go see Chicken Little at Disneyland when we were in LA, but as you can see, Chicken Little has not been forgotten by Boo Boo. Perhaps she is observing his acting ability, or, just relaxing and enjoying the movie. Quite honestly, I have yet to figure out  exactly how a chicken thinks. One thing about Boo Boo, she is not the spooky chick she used to be. I suppose that in her journey into death and back she has seen the light. She is really a cool chick with quite an even disposition. In all our travels so far, she has never thrown a squawking fit as some chickens do. That is nice.
    She does, on occasion, make her own unique chicken sounds, and they can be quite loud. While we were being transported through the Dallas airport on the handicap trolley, Boo Boo went off with her chicken sounds. Well, there's nothing I could really do to stop her, so I just opened my mouth in a wide yawning manner with each sound, and watched the expressions on people's faces as they marvelled at what strange sounds I was making as we rolled through the airport.
    We had a lot of fun on the LA trip.
    I think Chicken Little would have enjoyed riding with us.

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