Boo Boo Roots for the RimRockers

It was Mullet night at the Arkansas RimRockers Pro basketball game in Alltel Arena in Little Rock, Saturday night, April 1.
Becky sports her new Boo Boo T-shirt, Sis sports her new mullet hair do, and
Boo Boo supports the RimRockers by cheering the team on.

Boo Boo with RimRocker Mascot

They were giving free Flow Bee haircuts at the game,
so this was Boo Boo's opportunity to get her Boo-fant touched up a bit.

Boo Boo getting a touch on her hair

What does a chicken and a cheerleader have in common at a pro basketball game?
They both can strut their stuff while they cheer their team on.
With Boo Boo's touch up on her Boo-fant,
she's ready to strut her stuff to rah rah for the RimRockers.

Boo Boo with cheerleader

And, Boo Boo just had to have her picture taken with the hot
Junior Jive Dance Group from Ft. Meyers, Florida.

Boo Boo with Junior Jive Group

With all the fun and festivities and half-time frolicking,
what a time we all had last Saturday night at the
Arkansas RimRockers / Florida Flame Basketball game!

Come on out next time and join the fun!
Click here for the RimRockers schedule

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