Boo Boo Into Opera--Cluckoratura Arias

    Boo Boo is really just a down-to-earth sweet chick, but I noticed that she has some high class taste in music. During all the fan fare of Boo Boo's rising notoriety, we were privileged to become acquainted with Orriel Smith through her very unique CD that she shared with us. We ended up playing it in the hotel room with Boo Boo when we were in LA for the Jay Leno Show. We watched the response of Boo Boo to the unique clucking music. She stood at rapt attention in one spot for almost the whole 21 minutes. It seemed as though she was scrupulously analyzing the extremely adaptable and attractive classically-trained voice of Ms. Smith. The sustained top E at the end of the coda and the notorious high Fs and staccatic passages sung with a curious pecking technique solidly rivited her attention.
    I, too, was amazed and humorously entertained at such unusually smooth transistions and flexibility of musical ability. If you would like to have a really unique CD, I invite you to visit Orriel's web site and hear and see something you probably have never encountered before--neither inside nor outside the chicken yard.

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