Boo Boo Goes To LA

Boo Boo Boarding Pass To LA

These extremely nice security people at the airport
stopped to pose for a picture with Boo Boo.

Boo Boo Through Security Airport To LA

Sis, Bec, Jackie, and Joe join Boo Boo
on the plane. (Joe is not shown. He's across the isle.
Boo Boo was beginning to sound off pretty loudly at this
time. I'm not sure Joe wanted to be identified with it all.)

Boo Boo on airplane to LA

So, Boo Boo is a real VIP chick with her own boarding pass, ticket and seat!
She does have some limitations.
They wanted her to remain in the comforts of her First Class carrier.

Boo Boo in her own plane seat

However, at certain times, a courtesy shot is allowed.

Darla loves Boo Boo

Everybody loves Boo Boo!

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